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A1 has a wide range of product such as abalone, herbal soup, spices, instant sauce, instant noodle, dried vermicelli, birds nest, sunflower seeds, prune powder, coffee, prune etc.

Delicacy food, A1 has a wide range of marine product that include japan abalone, wild australia abalone, abalone with brown sauce, braised top shell in brown sauce, pacific clams & sea asparagus, beside dragon horse brand giving a premium quality abalone too like mexican abalone, australia abalone in light soup, wild abalone in brown sauce DW 80g, scallop, oyster, the great buddha jump over the wall japanese mussels graving is it?

For home cook we have a very great ingredients paste that allow your home chef to cook a delicious food, we have A1 instant sauce,A1 herbal soup, A1 Marine food, A1 abalone, MSG seasoning, seasoning paste, A1 instant paste, Dried noodle & herbal spices, these are the needs for every home.

A1 also offer baby food, we have baby rice rusk, it is crispy and yummy, beside we offer snack to consumer, korea seaweed olive oil flavour, spicy seaweed and sunflowers seed with margarine taste, that gives you a great moment.

if you are lazy too cook, A1 do produce instant noodle, we do have variety of instant noodle such as curry laksa noodle, curry laksa vermicelli, spicy dried noodle, instant abalone bowl noodle and A1 abalone noodle.

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